2017-11-24 20:45 GMT+01:00 Derek Buitenhuis <derek.buitenh...@gmail.com>:
> I've had this kicking around for like 4 years, maybe it can be of use to some 
> people.
> I haven't done full scale fuzzing with this because laziness. I just 
> sometimes run it
> when I'm bored. It's not thread-safe, but it would be trivial to make it so.
> It's based off my old LD_PRELOAD hack from here:
>     https://gist.github.com/dwbuiten/7101755
> Optionally takes two env vars, MALLOC_SEED (the seed), and MALLOC_FAILPROB 
> for the
> probability of failing.
> I've been running it directly integrated inside FFmpeg's allocator because it 
> makes
> it easier to run under gdb to find where it actually crashes, if the stack 
> trace of
> the failure is not enough info/context.
> Currently FFmpeg has a lot of unchecked allocations - just one single FATE 
> run with
> this found:

I am of course in favour of such checks but is there an allocator we support
that actually returns NULL on oom?

Carl Eugen
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