Derek Buitenhuis (2017-11-26):
> The problem is that libvmaf's .pc file put all of its deps in
> Libs instead of splitting them out into Libs.private, which
> is used only when static linking. Stuff like -lpthreads is
> only needed if static linking, and stuff like -lstdc++ is
> just wrong on any system that doesn't use libstdc++ (and
> also only used for static linking).
> I assume this is what Nicholas is referring to.

No, the problem is that you are not speaking of the same thing.

$ grep -c pthread libavfilter/*vmaf*

-> our code depends on pthreads for this filters, it must be expressed
in configure: Carl Eugen's patch is right, there is no need to bugreport
anything. His explanations later were wrong, but it may only be caused
by the confusion you brought.

What you describe is possibly true, but not related.


  Nicolas George

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