James Almer (2017-11-26):
> The old decode API is not scheduled for removal right now probably
> because 99% of decoders need to be ported.

I think this statement contains some confusion that is harmful to the

There are two interfaces worth considering in this discussion: the
application -> library interface, i.e. the avcodec_decode_*dio()
functions, and the framework -> decoder interface, i.e. the decode /
receive_frame / ... callbacks.

When you are stating "because 99% of decoders need to be ported", you
are referring to the framework-decoder interface. On the other hand, the
misuse of the API that is at the origin of this thread is related to the
application-library interface.

We could deprecate avcodec_decode_*dio() right now even though the
decoders are not all ported.


  Nicolas George

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