Patch in attach add SIMD (SSSE 3) for gradient prediction
and a checkasm test

Checkasm result (width = 1024) (kaby lake, macos 10.12)
add_gradient_pred_c: 1708.8
add_gradient_pred_ssse3: 533.0

Benchmark on a 3 min HD File in gradient (422)
without SIMD :
bench: utime=102.695s
bench: maxrss=102592512kB

with SIMD
bench: utime=91.712s
bench: maxrss=102543360kB

i will add AVX2 version later (need more clean before submitting, and will
conflict with another patch add_left_pred avx2 version)

This new dsp func, can probably also be use by magicyuv decoder

i'm not sure about the best asm way for load an uint8_t to all part of an

Comment welcome

Jokyo Images

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