On 11/27/2017 12:17 AM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> 2017-11-27 4:00 GMT+01:00 James Almer <jamr...@gmail.com>:
>> On 11/26/2017 11:57 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
>>> 2017-11-27 3:42 GMT+01:00 James Almer <jamr...@gmail.com>:
>>>> No comments about the code, but given this patchset has started a policy
>>>> controversy I'll state I'm in favor of including this external header.
>>> Will the header work for operating systems other than Windows?
>> Why are you asking me? I'm not the author of the patch.
>> And a quick look at the configure change should answer your question.
> What I meant was:
> The header currently does not help a relevant number of users
> (it would make Zeranoe's and Hendrik's life a little easier, that's
> all). In the future, it will be useful because AMD plans to provide
> a Linux driver. But I have a feeling that the current header will
> not work for this future driver, meaning adding the header now
> may be counter-productive.

It can easily be adapted for that alongside the configure checks, I'm
sure, much like the Nvidia one was for different needs.

> That's completely apart from the fact that this header file does
> not comply with any style guide while Nvidia's does (from a
> very quick look at both files).

That would be because the Nvidia one was written/adapted by a ffmpeg
developer, who probably paid attention to that.
We can ask Mironov to improve the style in the header he submitted if
that's important.

The avxsynth headers don't follow any style guide either, for that
matter. Indentation is all over the place.
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