On Sun, Nov 26, 2017, at 12:57 PM, Jim DeLaHunt wrote:
> I'll observe that we have already heard other opinions:
>   * Paul[2]: "Not at all. To be a contributor, it is not needed to
>     subscribe to [ffmpeg-cvslog] list."
>   * Timo[3]: "Usually if a discussion comes up the mail from cvslog is
>     replied to on [ffmpeg-devel] list, so no actual discussion happens
>     on the automatic cvslog list."

ffmpeg-cvslog should only be a log and not a place for discussion.
ffmpeg-devel should be the only mailing list where development
discussions occur.

Discussing a commit that was not reviewed should also occur at
ffmpeg-devel. Currently there is little discussion in ffmpeg-cvslog
(excluding discussions also directed to ffmpeg-devel), and I'm not sure
how many patch authors actually read or see ffmpeg-cvslog only replies.

Having no conversation in ffmpeg-cvslog would mean fewer pending
messages in the infiniqueue for me to regularly deal with.

Developers, contributors, maintainers, and/or committers should not need
to subscribe to ffmpeg-cvslog to participate.
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