Hello Marton,

> SDK says:
> When capturing ancillary data with a 4K DeckLink device, the ancillary
> data will always be in the 10-bit YUV pixel format.
> This also applies to 8 bit YUV captures according to my experience.

Thanks for refreshing my memory.  I remember reading that text, but for some 
reason thought it was RGB formats, not 4K capture products.

That’s actually a really nice feature - if you’re not feeding a 10-bit encoder 
then it would avoid having to do 10-to-8bit colorspace conversion in software 
in order for VANC to be properly preserved.  In earlier products you either had 
to choose between 8-bit video but VANC wouldn’t be properly preserved, or you 
could do 10-bit video but then have to colorspace convert from V210 to an 8-bit 

In the future I’ll have to look and see if that’s exposed through a decklink 
attribute (or do we have to hard-code the model info into the application to 
know which cards work this way).


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