I was wondering if someone has ever tried modifying the code of FFmpeg to 
support varying the framerate during streaming. So far, I tried to 
re-initialize the AVCodec Context of the output stream to apply the new 
framerate. Whenever I would suddenly change the framerate (from inside ffmpeg 
.c code, without any logic just through time), I would get a bunch of 
Non-monotonous DTS in output stream... errors. Furthermore, if I increase the 
framerate the errors would appear but streaming doesn't stop. If I decrease the 
framerate, frames would constantly be dropped and streaming stops. I am no 
video encoding expert so I really have no idea regarding the math behind the 
calculation of encoding parameters and such. 

If anyone has an idea please help me out. What exactly is the proper way of 
changing the framerate, aside from re-initializing the AVCodec Context, what 
else must be recalculated?

Thank you
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