On Mon, Dec 04, 2017 at 02:54:13 +0000, Colin NG wrote:

> libavcodec/dvbsubdec: Fix for ticket 6796 (ffprobe show_frames ts dvbsubs 
> infinite loop)

Same comment as to the other patch's commit message.

Furthermore: Didn't the other patch already claim to fix #6796? If not,
you need to say "partially fixes".

That said:

>  static int dvbsub_decode(AVCodecContext *avctx,
> -                         void *data, int *data_size,
> +                         void *data, int *got_output,
>                           AVPacket *avpkt)

Do I see it correctly that you are only renaming one variable? Then
please say so in the commit message, and don't claim that it fixes

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