2017-12-08 18:45 GMT+01:00 Tiejun.Peng <tiejun.p...@foxmail.com>:
> i agree with you. too much  experience value in condition of Judgement  like 
> this:
> "else if(max_frames>=4 && max_frames >= p->buf_size/10000)".
>  why  it is the value ? it is hard to known.
> maybe  the work of cleaned up  need a few days, so i just  repair of the 
> probe.

Please be careful:
As you already know, this probe function is the result of many
user reports, many tests and turning many knobs. You cannot
"repair" it (easily).

If you know of any false positives of the current probe function,
please report them!

Carl Eugen
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