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> Attached patch adds support for LibreSSL. Instead of trying to implement
> support into the existing tls_openssl.c using lots of #ifdefs (which was
> rejected previously(?)) this adds a new TLS backend making use of the
> new libtls library.
> Things to note:
> - Haven't looked at LibreSSL's license closely, I assume that it has the
> same GPL licensing incompatibility as a derivative of OpenSSL (requires
> --enable-nonfree if --enable-gpl is used)

Yes LibreSSl has the same apache license as OpenSSL

- ffrtmpcrypt support is not implemented since the bignum functions are
> not part of libtls itself
> - Not sure why anyone would use libtls without pkg-config but supporting
> it probably doesn't hurt

pkg-config is generally preferred anyway

I have tested all features (client mode, listen mode, cert/hostname
> verification) on both Alpine and Arch Linux.
> Before michaelni asks again: Yes, the absence of my real name in git is
> intended.

OK I finally got around to looking through this (sorry for the delay I
previously hadnt had time) and everything looks good.
Since someone complains about LibreSSL not working with our OpenSSL support
every couple of months then this would be a welcome fix and in my opinion
this is the best way to support LibreSSL going forward. If Stefan is happy
to continue to support this in the future if needed then im on-board with
merging this.

If no one has any issues Ill merge this in a couple of days.
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