Paul B Mahol (2017-12-09):
> No new patches require it, it is for case such stereo3d and setsar and bunch
> of others that may need to explicitly set sample aspect ratio to each frame.

"May need" is not always a good way of designing changes. It would be
much better if you actually changed these filters at the same time to
use it. That way you can be more sure that you did not mess things up in
a subtle way.

> Do you work in White House or in nuclear power plant?

You do not know anything about the use of my time, as I know nothing
about yours. Therefore, kindly refrain from making any assumptions about
me, as I refrain from making assumptions about you.

You frequently commit changes too soon. A newcomer asked about
reasonable delay not so long ago, someone answered quoting one week
before insisting, except if the patch has some kind of urgency. It seems
reasonable to me.

And it applies to people who have commit rights too.

One week.


  Nicolas George

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