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>*> If we were to break this feature, I'd suggest going the full route of
*>*> adding a PixelFormaton and work on a sws alternative (one is allowed to
*>*> dream no?).
> This is step to right direction, why would adding yet another API be better
> solution?
> J formats are hack - misfeature - most obvious reason why nobody added
> 10bit J formats, or one of alpha. Calling it otherwise, points to severe
> lack of understanding of problem.

I am perfectly aware that the J formats are a hack, that's why it would be
nice to avoid introducing more hacks to get rid of them.
As it has been pointed out in the other thread, simply adding .color_range
does not properly solve this problem, it is a breaking change without
proper deprecation period, and in general it seems like not a good idea
API-wise to add an endless number of fields to AVCodec.
Like I said, having dealt with the problem in the past, the only way I
suggest to go forward is decoupling codec/filter negotiation from pixel
formats and use a different scaling/color conversion library.
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