> > I still have an issue with this patch, while it would be nice to have 
> > another
> HEVC encoder available in FFmpeg for comparisons and whatnot, I feel that
> turingcodec isn't a mature enough encoder compared to what is already in
> the project.
> >
> > Not to mention that development seems to have stalled (with only very
> minor fixes for several months). In FFmpeg it is very difficult to remove
> 'features', so if this patch were to be merged and then turingcodec to
> actually go stale we'd be left with dead code for longer than is ideal 
> (forever).
> >
> > My opinion is that you should just maintain this separately as an out-of-
> tree patch as it doesn't benefit us.
> >
> Hi,
> After taking a look at the commit history of the last year+ or so, issue 
> tracker
> and pull request list over at https://github.com/bbc/turingcodec I must say I
> find it somewhat hard to disagree on a general level.
> Creating an encoder is great work and I applaud people for that, but
> unfortunately it - at the current point of time - looks like neither from the
> licensing, performance or project activity point of view merging a wrapper for
> this library is a good idea.

If stability of the project was your concern, you should have told us from the 
very beginning and save everyone's time. The project and its development is 
still active. We pushed additional fixes in November and we plan to add new 
features in the near future. We acknowledge that there is still a lot to do to 
get the encoder to the same level of maturity of  others both from the 
performance and the licensing/collaboration point of view. At the same time, we 
also trust you appreciate that being a small team of researchers (3) working 
part time on this project we are slow in replying to requests and progressing 
with the development. Indeed we thought having the codec interfaced to FFmpeg 
would have been a good opportunity to share our work and know-how on content 
distribution for broadcasting applications using HEVC and provide an 
alternative codec to ffmpeg. Clearly we were wrong.
We'll distribute the patch onto our website for those who are interested in 
having Turing in FFmpeg and stop pestering you with new requests.

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