Marton Balint (2017-12-16):
> I am afraid this wont work, because ffplay supports full range RGB as well.
> Unless there is a way to specify allowed pixel format / color range
> combinations (which is the only way to mimic existing behaviour as far as I
> see), you have to use hacks like configure the filter graph once without a
> range restriction, and if you get an invalid pixel format / color range
> combination, you have to configure the graph again with the supported color
> range list for that pixel format, hoping that the pixel format will remain
> the same.

It seems you are confirming something that I suspected and needed to
check, i.e. that negotiating range separately from pixel format (or at
least RGB / YUV) will not give satisfactory results. I fear a combined
negotiation will be necessary.


  Nicolas George
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