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Nicolas George <geo...@nsup.org> wrote:

> Paul B Mahol (2017-12-16):
> > What's wrong then your highness?  
> What makes you think it is acceptable to talk to people that way?

Oh boy this sure is a civil and friendly project.

What makes _you_ think it's acceptable to treat people this way? Have
you even seen how long Paul has been trying to get this in? Certainly
he doesn't deserve such a reaction.

It isn't the first time you act this way either. It's hard to work with
you at all. I believe you claim that you have me in your kill file too.

Regarding Paul's "your highness" - well you seem certainly like some
sort of all knowing benevolent (academic?) leader, who has little time
and for who lesser minions like Paul should be thankful to receive any
audience at all, even if they have to wait a week.

> I would not tolerate that kind of address from my students, I would not
> tolerate it from my kids either if I had any, I do not see why I should
> tolerate it from a person I work with on my spare time.

This is a project of volunteers. If you don't want to commit to the
rules and responsibilities of the project, you can just remove yourself
from the maintainers file and stop reading/posting here. This will
probably be less stressy for you too. It's not good to be stuck between
two time demanding jobs.

> You should be glad and thankful when people are willing to review your
> patches, because it reduces the odds that you will cause a regression or
> light up Coverity all over the place. Otherwise, the blame and
> responsibility are all yours.

Oh, now Paul should be thankful too for receiving a cranky reply after
4 days of waiting, with no time frame given for when you can grace us
with your genius. Nope, it doesn't work this way.

> As it is, I will not review this patch. Push it, do not push it, I do
> not care. Your responsibility, your blame.

I think he's totally fine with that. Better than some unfriendly person
blocking a patch.

> And stop behaving like a kid making a tantrum.

Applies to you too. He was just being slightly cheeky (in reply to a
cranky post), and then you freaked out and accused him that he'd
certainly set FFmpeg on fire if he were too impatient to wait for your
sage advice. (Wait how long? More than 4 days... a week? Weeks? Moths?)

Anyway, I think your reply means Paul is allowed to push his patch.
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