>>>> some time ago Carl Eugen and me went to the GSoC Summit. See review mail
>>>> for details.
>>>> Here comes the refund request for my flight. Costs were 478.82€ total,
>>>> I'll send the invoice to Stefano privately as usual.
>>> Approved by me, still missing approval from Michael.
>> @Michael: ping (although I don't think this should be subject to
>> explicit approval, since it's implied by the contract between FFmpeg
>> and GSOC).
> BTW, I also suggest since we had a total of 2200 EUR from Google to
> use the residual part to cover other accomodation and travel expenses.
> Rationale: representing FFmpeg in such events is a very important and
> strategic task for the project, it can be an exciting experience foar
> the delegates but it also takes much time and effort, and would be
> unfair to let the delegates spend their own monetary resources,
> especially given that the host organization is covering the expenses.

thanks for mentioning this! As long as there is dedicated money left for this, 
I'd appreciate to be also reimbursed for the shoulder night I had to book at 
the venue hotel.

> Please, Thilo and Carl, update this thread with other travel/attendace
> cost you had to cover.

That night came for 176.01$, I'll send you the invoice asap.

Thanks Stefano!
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