If you or any other developer is against someone receiving git write access
you only need to object to the patch adding him to the MAINTAINERS file.

Thats one of the reasons why there is a MAINTAINERs file.

It would be ideal IMO if for each part of teh codebase at least one person
with write access cares/"Maintains" it. Is there someone who already has
write access who wants to take care of opensrt.c ?
(it seemed there is little interrest from teh lack of replies in the thread so

Also i belive there already is a developer from nablet who is in the
MAINTAINERs file and has write access.


thanks for your comments. I am going to send new patch later this week, as there are comments
from the Nicolas George to be addressed anyway.
it was your suggestion to edit MAINTAINERs file, so I followed it, but now I am disappointed.
so what should I do now?
I see the following options:
1) do not edit MAINTAINERs file (leave it as it was before)
2) add opensrt.c entry for existing maintainer from Nablet (Ivan Uskov <ivan.us...@nablet.com>) 3) change opensrt.c entry to another maintainer from Nablet (Sven Dueking <sven.duek...@nablet.com>)
which one do you prefer/suggest?
if I change maintainer entry, does it imply what patch should be sent from maintainer's email and
commit author should also match maintainer's email?
P.S. added file (opensrt.c) doesn't have a Nablet or Haivision copyright - it has regular ffmpeg copyright used across the ffmpeg codebase, so it's not different in that aspect from other files, like tcp.c or udp.c.
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