On 22.02.2018 16:47, Nicolas George wrote:

Not sure where in the thread would be the best place to reply, so I
might as well reply here.

There is one idea I have been toying with for some time that relates to
codec registration. It is significantly different from the direction
this discussion was taking, but I think it offers a lot of advantages.

Let us have "struct AVCodecLibrary" with the lists of codecs, bsfs, etc.
Whenever a function needs to access the lists, have it take an
AVCodecLibrary argument. It can be made automatic most of the time by
adding an AVCodecLibrary field to all AVSomethingContext structs.


The same structure could be used to set all mutable global state, like
the log level and callback.

I like the idea of storing global context within some structure.


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