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On Sat,  3 Mar 2018 22:39:45 +0100, Timo Rothenpieler
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Right now, if someone configures ffmpeg with for example --enable-nvenc they 
get an error message complaining about missing cuda.
This is very confusing and already has lead people into installing the CUDA SDK,
even though it's not what they need.

This will make it complain about ffnvcodec instead.

i'm not objecting.

but if you put a error message that explains what a person needs when
it errors , that might also be a good idea (and it would also only be
a one or two line change).


I looked into doing that, but the code handling those errors in a generic way would need quite some ugly special cases to do that.

Still, I might look into giving a better error that at some point.

It being called cuda is inaccurate anyway, so renaming it to ffnvcodec is not too terrible.

So for now, I just pushed this, and will look into a more verbose error later.

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