Bodecs Bela (2018-03-11):
> I frequently use overlay video filter. Sometimes it is needed to dinamically
> hide/show the ovelaid video. (e.g during live streaming).
> Currently the only possibility to hide the overlaid video is to position it
> to off site area of the visible region.
> This patch creates a new, explicit property to controll hiding/showing the
> overlaid video.
> 'show' property may be an expression, similary to x and y.
> The new 'show' property is controlable by command, also. So its value can be
> adjusted dinamically during live sessions by zmq filters.
> To be compatible with existing stuff, its default value is "1".
> Please review this patch and consider putting this patch into the official
> ffmpeg source tree.

Looks like a duplicate of the timeline editing feature, already
supported by overlay.


  Nicolas George

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