On 10.04.2018 22:26, Lou Logan wrote:
On Mon, Apr 9, 2018, at 10:59 PM, Tobias Rapp wrote:

+For example to enable repeated log output and set @var{loglevel} to
+ffmpeg -loglevel repeat+verbose -i input output
+@end example

Just to show all current flags and the loglevel I prefer:

For example to enable repeated log output, add the @code{level} prefix, and set 
@var{loglevel} to
ffmpeg -loglevel repeat+level+verbose -i input output
@end example

OK, will change.

+Another example that disables the @code{level} prefix without affecting the
+current state of @code{repeat} flag or @var{loglevel}:
+ffmpeg [...] -loglevel -level
+@end example

I'm not sure how useful this example is. Sure, it displays how to use "-", but is there 
an actual use case for using "-loglevel -level" since the level prefix is not shown by 
default anyway?

Yeah I added this to show that incrementally updating the loglevel option and the "-" also works. Can change it to "+" if that is preferred.

BTW: Is there some documentation on the generic flags syntax used in FFmpeg for options like "-fflags" or "-cpuflags" and how to combine the tokens with "+" or "-"? I couldn't find something on a quick scan.


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