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> Hi Mark,
> I reviewed and tested all 5 patches in set all together.
> Now the code looks cleaner.
> My local tests passed for dx9 and dx11 with and without 
> -hwaccel_output_format.

Ok, applied.  Thank you!

> I am waiting patches to be applied to propose new patch with hwcontext_amf in 
> libavutil.

Can you explain what you're intending to use that for?  It's not clear to me 
how an extra wrapper around the D3D(9|11) surfaces is going to help, given that 
the support for them with AMF is already pretty good.  (Compare the Intel 
libmfx stuff (the misleadingly-named "qsv") where the extra wrapping does help 
for some cases because the underlying library has weird constraints, but 
overall adds a lot of complexity (and failure modes) for rather unclear 
benefit.  It's also inconvenient in that it promotes the existence of 
antifeatures like the "_qsv" decoders which are inferior to the builtin 
hwaccels in pretty much every respect.)

- Mark
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