Rodger Combs (12019-01-17):
> CRYPTO_get_locking_callback is a macro returning NULL on 1.1 and
> later. This triggers -Wtautological-pointer-compare ("comparison of
> function 'openssl_lock' equal to a null pointer is always false"),
> which suggests "prefix with the address-of operator to silence this
> warning", so I did that. We could alternately wrap this code in an
> OpenSSL version check, but this seemed easier.

Urgh. Somebody is to blame for that ugliness, but certainly not you. If
it gets in, I suggest you add a comment to explain that.

But this is worrying: elsewhere in the code,
CRYPTO_get_locking_callback() is tested and an array is mallocated if it
is null: that looks like a leak.

I think part of that code needs to be changed to test the array itself
instead of the callbacks.


  Nicolas George

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