On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 11:00:51PM +0200, Nicolas George wrote:
> Marton Balint (12019-05-12):
> > Yeah, you are right, what I had in mind was this:
> > 
> > apitch  ===  asetrate,aresample,atempo
> Exactly. And reciprocally, atempo = apitch+asetrate+aresample.
> Furthermore, since it works with the spectrum, the filter that does the
> hard work can probably easily output at any sample rate, at a cost much
> lower than resampling afterwards. Therefore, it makes most sense to have
> a single filter with all three parameters (sample rate, speed adjustment
> and pitch adjustment).

and if thats done in our resampler than that can also be combined with
changing the channel order, layout, sample type and so on.
Iam not sure its a good idea but purely technically it should be more
efficient to do it all together.
Also swresample already supports an external FFT resampler so it might
actually fit in there nicely and it might even allow us to remove an external
dependancy without loosing a feature. (assuming the new FFT resampler
would be equally good)



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