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> Add use_captureblt option for disable or use CAPTUREBLT flag, when
> useing the bitblt function with CAPTUREBLT may caused the Windows
> mouse cursor flicker. most time we don't need this flag to capture
> window
> I tested on Windows 10 works fine

I have a suggestion for improving the documentation, see below.

Can you please test for me: If you use use_captureblt=0 and
draw_mouse=0 is the mouse cursor visible or not in the recorded video?

> +@item use_captureblt
> +gdigrab use CAPTUREBLT flag to capture window or desktop by default,
> which may make Windows mouse cursor flickering.
> +If not capture layered window you can set value @code{0} disable
> CAPTUREBLT flag, to fix Windows cursor flickering.
> +Default value is @code{1}
> +
> +Note the value @code{1} is essential to capture layered  window

@item use_captureblt

By default, this is set to @code{1}, which means that gdigrab will use
the CAPTUREBLT flag when grabbing images of a window. With this flag
set, gdigrab will capture the entire contents of a window even if it is
covered by other windows on the screen.

If this option is set to @code{0}, the image captured will match what
you see on the screen: the contents of any windows covering the
selected window will be visible in the capture.

Depending on your Windows version and graphics settings, you may see
the mouse cursor flicker on your screen while capturing with this
option set to @code{1}. If that happens, you can disable CAPTUREBLT by
setting this option to @code{0}.

Calvin Walton <calvin.wal...@kepstin.ca>

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