#6573: lost sound when timestamp discontinuity appears with HLC encoder
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Comment (by krs_vital):

 today I managed to record what is obtained at the output (HLS) and the
 input (UDP) as well as a full report about the behavior of ffmpeg. All of
 this is in the archive from the link below, a little explain: when there
 is "Continuity counter error" ffmpeg is stopped at this error message for
 10 seconds, then have HLS says that you have exceeded the limit of idle
 frames, the limit is just set to 10 seconds and then another voznikaet
 error PES packet size mismatch, then an error timestamp discontinuity
 10104000, new offset -37818881300 and so on. At this time, the output HLS
 sound disappears. Only helps restart ffmpeg.


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