#7080: ffmpeg issue with NVENC and keyframes when encoding interlaced video
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Comment (by oromit):

 nvenc does not support encoding interlaced fields as one interleaved
 Instead, it emits two independent fields per frame. (no support for MBAFF)

 Due to each field needing its own timestamp, but being in the same packet
 with only one shared timestamp, FFmpeg does not properly support handling
 those coming out of an encoder, and how well it works is pretty much up to
 luck depending on the container and transport method in use.

 I looked into it a while ago, but concluded that fixing that would be a
 major non-trivial change to pretty much the entire FFmpeg codebase, which
 I'm not going to be able to make on my own. I'd even say it's unlikely
 that this will ever be fixed, unless nvidia implements mbaff support.

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