#7080: ffmpeg issue with NVENC and keyframes when encoding interlaced video
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Comment (by oromit):

 Because the two fields have different parameters. Like, one of them can be
 a keyframe, but the other isn't, and whichever one comes first gets its
 parameter set on the packet, but the ones for the other field are lost.
 That includes its timestamp, and flags like being keyframe.

 If it works depends on how much the output format depends on the
 information in the packet. Some don't use it at all, others rely heavily
 on it.
 The two fields are combined in one packet, which is exactly the problem.
 If I split them, I end up with the rest of ffmpeg exploding because an
 encoder is not expected to return two packets for one input frame, even
 though the new API technically supports it.

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