#7115: Image BECOMES darker unexpectedly
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Replying to [comment:4 testh001]:
 > I was thinking that you had closed this because it is working as
 intended, but since you have said that the input and output is looking
 same for you, I suppose what I am experiencing is actually a bug.
 What are you experiencing?
 It is good that you posted the console output (carefully comparing it with
 the output I posted will show you that it contained information that was
 essential to reproduce but originally missing) but you also have to
 explain with a few words what you did after the conversion: You write
 elsewhere ''play with any video player'': At least with FFplay and
 MPlayer, I get the expected identical output. There may of course be a
 video driver issue on your end but this is impossible to judge with the
 available information.

 I sincerely hope you understand highjacking unrelated tickets, opening a
 ticket just to complain or open a duplicate ticket will not help you here.

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