#7352: After extraction video AVC/H264 stream from DASH mp4-segment SEI messages
are put prior SPS/PPSges
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Comment (by Shevach):

 In shaka-packager there is an option 'init_segment' to generate the 'init'
 mp4 file containing SPS/PPS applicable to all segments.

 i provide an example how to generate mp4 dash segments with the init-file

 /packager-linux 'in=test.ts , stream=video, init_segment=test_init.mp4,
 segment_template=test_$Number$.mp4' --profile vod  --mpd_output test.mpd
 --dump_stream_info --min_buffer_time=0.1 --segment_duration=0.5

 As a results test_1.mp4, test_2.mp4, ... segments are generated and in
 addition test_init.mp4 file is also produced.

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