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thanks for the positive feedback (on-list and off-list)!

I'll start next week on Clement's todo list - starting with FATE integration ( and then trying to kill using internal API. After that I'll try to replace the usage of deprecated API (can I rely on the @deprecated flag)? I would be happy to get some commitment that after these steps the biggest and most annoying problems would be solved and ffserver could be shipped with ffserver again. Of cause I would still work on ffserver after reaching this milestone.

I'll try to be rather conservative, at least for the first time until I feel more comfortable with the code, the architecture and the workflows.

From Carl:
>> Which of these headers are internal ones?
> The ten includes that follow the line with the FIXME.
So all of the externally usable API of libavformat is in libavformat/avformat.h?

One troublesome thing seems to be the rtsp handling. ffserver seems to do much of the rtsp himself, but uses e.g. RTSPMessageHeader from libavformat/rtsp.h. I see four possibilities:

1. Leave it as-is.
2. Copy the definitions to ffserver.
3. Use the official API. But if I read correctly, libavformat can only act as a RTSP-client (but both sending and receiving)?
4. If this is not possible, make an "official" RTSP server related API.

For possibilities 3 and 4 I would need some support:
For 3. some insight how to use the API (as I said, I found nothing about a RTSP server in the library). For 4. I would need some advice where to put the API and how the API should look like. E.g. can I use the rtsp_* functions in ffserver.c as a base? Should it be completely different?

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