Le decadi 20 vendémiaire, an CCXXV, Alexey Eromenko a écrit :
> I have a strong belief, that produced MP4 files should be played on
> all popular players, and any potential issues must be documented.
> Additionally ffmpeg should provide a BIG WARNING that a resulting file
> will not be playable on Apple decoders, and offer to fix it
> automatically.

MP4 files are specified by a standard. If a player can not handle some file
adhering to that standard, that is its fault. Bugs in third-party software
should not restrict FFmpeg users from creating valid files they want, and it
is not FFmpeg's task to document third party's bugs.

FFmpeg may document a well known bug in a well known third party software,
but this this would be a service offered as a convenience, not a duty.


  Nicolas George

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