On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 09:14:56 +0200, Torstein Sørnes wrote:
> When compiling I get
> Checking for libavcodec VDPAU hwaccel  : no

Well, not from ffmpeg:

> External libraries providing hardware acceleration:
> nvenc                   vaapi                     vdpau
> Enabled hwaccels:
> h263_vaapi              hevc_vaapi                mpeg2_vaapi               
> mpeg4_vdpau               vc1_vdpau                 wmv3_vaapi
> h264_vaapi              hevc_vdpau                mpeg2_vdpau               
> vc1_vaapi                 vp9_vaapi                 wmv3_vdpau
> h264_vdpau              mpeg1_vdpau               mpeg4_vaapi
> INSTALL       install-progs-yes
> INSTALL       ffmpeg
> INSTALL       ffprobe
> INSTALL       ffserver
> make: Leaving directory '/home/torstein/mpv-build/ffmpeg_build'

All went fine.

Then comes mpv build:
> Checking for libavcodec VDPAU hwaccel                                : no 

Are you sure it's checking the static library you just built (and
installed to /home/torstein/mpv-build/build_libs)?

Anyway, looks like an mpv problem to me.

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