On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 08:43:27 +0200, Jon bae wrote:
> The problem is now that the both streams have a little delay from ~1
> second. I found out, that when I would encode both stream new and send them
> via the *tee *output from one ffmpeg instance it would be sync. But I don't
> want to transcode the full res again.
> Have you some tips what I could do, to sync this both streams?

Sure, you can send it twice. If you're not recoding with ffmpeg, but
using the "copy" codec, it may suffice to "encode" twice, it shouldn't
impact performance:

$ ffmpeg -i input-stream-url -c copy -f mpegts server-stream-url1 -c copy -f 
mpegts server-stream-url2

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