On Wed, Feb 14, 2018, at 10:48 AM, fathom wrote:
> Hi to all.
> I am trying to rip this stream
> http://viacomitalytest-lh.akamaihd.net/i/sbshdlive_1@195657/master.m3u8
> i use this command line
> ffmpeg -i
> "http://viacomitalytest-lh.akamaihd.net/i/sbshdlive_1@195657/master.m3u8";
> -c:v copy -c:a copy -f mp4  "stream.mp4"
> but ffmpeg dont start to rip and give an error.
> Is there someone that can tell me how can i fix this error?

You should always include any error messages instead of only mentioning that 
you get an error. It is required that you include the complete console output 
from your ffmpeg command. This will include the error. You should always 
include the full command (like you already did) and the resulting console 
output when asking for help.
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