I have a master video I wish to take a clip out of and on that clip place
an overlay (mostly transparent png file).

Does this need to be a two step process, first creating the clip, then
reading it in and adding the overlay, or can it be combined into one step
to save time?

To create the clip I have successfully used this command (in Kotlin):
val cmd = "-ss $start -t $duration -accurate_seek -i $inputFile -codec copy
-avoid_negative_ts 1 $outputFile"

val command = cmd.split(" ".toRegex()).dropLastWhile { it.isEmpty()

FFmpeg.getInstance(context).execute(command, object :
ExecuteBinaryResponseHandler() {...}

For the overlay, I know I need to do something like this:

val cmd2 = "-y -i $sourceMp4 -i overlayImage.png -filter_complex

Can those two be commands be combined?

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