Am Di., 8. Okt. 2019 um 21:04 Uhr schrieb László Havasi

> I need a "good" interleaved mpeg-ts media. I have found that the ffmpeg is
> unable to re-interleave the input data.
> As can be seen on the packet list below, the audio and video packets are
> not interleaved well. There are several video packets and several audio
> packets.
> Is it possible to force ffmpeg to mix the packets better?
> Command:
> ffmpeg -i input.ts -max_delay 100 -c:v mpeg1video -c:a mp2 -ac 1 -vf
> showinfo -af asetnsamples=n=100,ashowinfo  -f mpegts -max_delay 100  out.ts

I would have expected this to work well for one audio channel and I
don't think the showinfo filters can help here, you will need a stream
You did not show us the complete, uncut console output as is
strongly suggested here for every request.

Carl Eugen
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