> ... Regedit.
I really have no idea on how registries work, but aren’t they keys and values? 
> Something like:
> *D:\\Videos\\_APPS\\ffmpeg-421\\bin\\ffmpeg.exe -i "%1" -c copy "%1_"*
the value for? Also is delimiting the value in asterisks, of all things, the 
syntax? I really don’t know, just find it bizarre.
I do recall forward slashes needing to be escaped if they represent a directory 
boundary, but also that underscores had some sort of significance and spaces 
needed to be quoted or maybe they could be escaped also? Oh and this might be 
for editing through something other than Regedit, powershell probably, so I 
could be completely wrong about all of this, just thought I’d mention some 
things I found odd.
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