I have an old tv that plays usb sticks and we use it for that.
But some formats pic and video it won't accept.
Not being into it I don't really understand why or what.
This time I have a bunch of microbe animations and it plays some and some it 
says 'unsupported format'.
I note the details of two of the 'unsupported' formats: 

1.  mp4.  1920 x 1080  423kbps  24 fps2.  mp4   1280 x 720  672kbps  30 fps
and one file that it plays happily:
mp4  854 x 478  853 kbps  25fps.
Can anyone detect what the basic problem is and can I fix it by running the 
files through ffmpeg with the appropriate command line, whatever that might be?
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