I read one article from microsoft, i.e. 

azure will put timed metadata into fmp4, and will support various formats of 
timed metadata. As mpegts demuxer/muxer in ffmpeg support id3 tag, does 
ffmpeg's mp4 support the feature?




At 2019-11-01 02:15:09, "Ted Park" <kumowoon1...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> does mp4 support timed metadata, such as id3 timed metadata?
>I think you asked about timed id3 before as well, for Transport Streams and 
>rtmp previously, But only ever provide a vague picture of what you’re trying 
>to do.
>That’s your prerogative of course, but I’m limited to giving general advice to 
>(extremely) general situations you present… And I fear you’re getting further 
>and further away from what would be reasonable practice in however you 
>implement timed metadata in whatever project you’re working on.
>First of all, there are several flavors of the “mp4” container. If you use the 
>most general specification for it (which I think corresponds to -f mov for 
>some reason) then you can pretty much put any stream in an mp4, though you 
>might have to specify the codec tag, and if there’s no encoder, just make it 
>copy unknown codec streams.
>But why?? I’m curious what you’d use a containerized file like mp4 with a 
>private stream with a couple packets at best, which might not even be decoded 
>right for.
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