> On 29 Jun 2020, at 15:44, Jim <ruler2...@charter.net> wrote:
>  (While this doesn't equalize the volume or eliminate all volume-related 
> inconsistencies, it does make the loudest part of each video the same and is 
> the best solution I've found; 

I think you would like the loudnorm filter that incorporates ebur-128 
It can run as two pass or one pass (useful for live streaming) and adjusts the 
audio levels to maintain the specified levels.
An example would be -af loudnorm=I=-23:TP=-1.0:LRA=11
This sets the average loudness at -23LUFS (this is pretty standard for UK TV) 
the True Peak value as -1.0dBfs and the loudness range shows the distribution 
of loudness throughout the programme.

LUFS is great because it is based on perceptual loudness and not just sample 

Have fun
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