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The Gates of Worship

September 22, 2016

Read: Psalm 100
Bible in a Year: Ecclesiastes 10-12; Galatians 1

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks
to him and praise his name.—Psalm 100:4

When you enter some of the greatest cities in the world, you can encounter
famous gates such as the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin), the Jaffa Gate
(Jerusalem), and the gates at Downing Street (London). Whether the gates
were built for defensive or ceremonial purposes, they all represent the
difference between being outside or inside certain areas of the city. Some
are open; some are closed to all but a few.

The gates into the presence of God are always open. The familiar song of
Psalm 100 is an invitation for the Israelites to enter into the presence of
God through the temple gates. They were told to “shout for joy” and “come
before him with joyful songs” (vv. 1-2). Shouting for joy was an
appropriate expression when greeting a monarch in the ancient world. All
the earth was to sing joyfully about God! The reason for this joyful noise
was that God had given them their identity (v. 3). They entered the gates
with praise and thanksgiving because of God’s goodness and His steadfast
and enduring love which continues through all generations (vv. 4-5). Even
when they forgot their identity and wandered away from Him, God remained
faithful and still invited them to enter His presence.

The gates into God’s presence are still open, inviting us to come and
worship. —Marvin Williams

*What should motivate us to worship God? What statement of praise could you
give to God today?*

The gates into the presence of God are always open.

*INSIGHT:* Psalm 100 is poetry packed with image-rich language. When the
psalmist says we are the Lord’s, this reminds us of His creative and
redeeming work. The Bible tells us that if we have faith in Christ, we are
His in at least two ways: We are His because He created us (Gen. 1:26-31)
and because He has adopted us as His family (Eph. 1:5). The psalmist also
uses the image of a sheep. We are “the sheep of His pasture.” We belong to
Him and can enter His gates because we are under His care. Jesus Himself
uses this image of sheep and gates in John 10:7-9 when explaining what it
means to be saved.

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