I have a (low priority) question about the VOL_CAP_INT_USERACCESS volume attribute.

I often get the ATTR_CMN_USERACCESS value for files via getattrlist().

Today, while doing unrelated research, I stumbled across the description for VOL_CAP_INT_USERACCESS which says "If this bit is set the volume format implementation supports the ATTR_CMN_USERACCESS attribute."

This took me quit by surprise, since ATTR_CMN_USERACCESS has never failed me. In testing I've now identified volumes that report VOL_CAP_INT_USERACCESS=0, but when I get the attributes for a file and request ATTR_CMN_USERACCESS it reports completely reasonable values.

So what does it mean, in terms of requesting the ATTR_CMN_USERACCESS attribute, if a volume reports VOL_CAP_INT_USERACCESS=0.


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