> From: Julian Vrieslander
> Not exactly a new idea.  The retina in human eyes uses a
> somewhat similar scheme.  Cone cells are selectively tuned to
> red, green, and blue light. The brain integrates the outputs
> of cones to produce our sensations of color.  Rod cells are
> optimized for low light levels (sensitive to a single
> quantum) and their outputs provide luminance information.
> Mother Nature has been in this business a lot longer than Kodak.
> The analogy between retina and the new Kodak sensor is not
> perfect.  The relative concentrations of rods and cones
> varies across the retina.  And if I remember right, rods are
> not truly panchromatic.

Also, I think rods are pretty much saturated in normal daylight conditions,
so the brain ignores them. In night vision, the cones are putting out zero,
so the brain ignores them.


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