I think a better comparison would be the Aztek against a dedicated film
scanner, not a flat bed. It is clear to me there is a focus issue with
the Epson.

R. Jackson wrote:
> I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this. I went down to
> Petaluma today and Lenny Eiger introduced me to scanning with a drum
> scanner.
> http://www.eigerphoto.com/
> I essentially got a crash course in the practicalities of drum scans
> from someone with a lot of practical experience in making them. I've
> been all ripped-up this week about my cat having liver failure (I
> buried her last night) and I'd mis-read Lenny's email about bringing
> something *not* too challenging for a first scan. I glanced through
> some boxes of 30-year-old Ektachrome quickly last night and brought
> along a slide taken inside a van.  There's a window on the verge of
> being blown out and an interior that was so deeply in shadow that it
> was almost black. Something taken in a band vehicle a long time ago
> of a drummer napping. Before I left this morning I'd scanned the
> slide at the 6400 dpi setting on my V700. Lenny scanned it at 8000
> dpi on his Aztek. I've uploaded both a lossless .jpf and a jpeg. The
> jpeg actually looks pretty close to the same as the jpf and it's one
> meg instead of seventeen, just FYI. You can see them here:
> http://homepage.mac.com/jackson.robert.rex/
> These are 100% crops. The V700 on top, obviously. I scaled the V700
> scan up to the 8000 dpi so it would be the same size as the Aztek
> scan. It's amazing how much more detail the Aztek pulled out of the
> slide. And this was a ratty old Ektachrome 400 slide. I can hardly
> imagine what well-exposed 6x7 or 4x5 would yield under the right
> circumstances. One of the most telling things to me is the etched
> printing on the window. You can almost read it in the Aztek scan. And
> see the area on the right side of the window frame? The Epson scan
> has some kind of strange artifact going on. The edge of the window
> all the way down through the curve at the bottom looks very strange.
> On the Aztek crop it looks very natural and smooth. It's amazing,
> really. Almost too much detail.
> Lenny is a gentleman with a genuine enthusiasm for what he does and a
> great wealth of knowledge and experience to guide him. You couldn't
> ask for a better demo of the technology. I'm really happy to know
> he's just down the road.
> -Robert Jackson

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