A FAQ is : how do I scan large numbers of slides without spending the rest
of my life doing it?

There aren't too many affordable solutions, but for anyone confronting
this problem this one is worth registering. There is an interesting review
of the Braun Multimag 4000 filmscanner by Jonathan Eastland, at

It's a neat device designed to use magazines of mounted slides for batch
operation. However the review, which is generally positive, includes the
following, slightly disappointing summation of the chances of avoiding the
countless man-years of post prod arising from scanning large numbers of
Kodachrome originals:-

'ICE does not like conventional silver halide black and white emulsion;
neither does it much like Kodachrome, which is essentially a black and
white film with the special colour dyes added in processing. On close
inspection, the majority of images so processed did not appear to lose
time's accumulated foreign matter; their original colour was changed by
ROC to something definately not Kodachrome and GEM got rid of what it
perceived as noise so well, the final files were all but useless.'

Priceless :-)


Tony Sleep

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