A bit OT, but I've been running X64 for about 3 years. Vuescan saved my
arse regarding my Epson 5400II. I got a cheap Canon for document work,
retiring my scsi flatbed.

I understanding keeping an old scanner and playing the scsi game, but I
got rid of all my scsi gear when I upgraded. Well, I still have the
Artixscan 4000t because it is so flaky I won't sell it. Maybe
temperamental is a better word. Anyway, the 5400II is so much better
than my old Artixscan that I'm glad I didn't put the effort into getting
scsi working.

You should know that the back bone of scsi, aspi, is not supported in
X64. There is some hacked up aspi here:
I think the aspi is a freebia.

James L. Sims wrote:
> Laurie,
> My plan is to keep a 32-bit machine around for the SS120 and My old
> Epson Stylus Photo 1200.  Then upgrade my main computer to XP 64.  An
> Epson tech told me last year that that he could send me the 64-bit
> drivers for my Epson 1640 scanner, however, I didn't ask him to do that
> and I still do not see a 64-bit driver, twain or otherwise, on Epson's
> website - that seems to support what you're saying about 32-bit Twain
> drivers working on 64-bit systems.  Epson does have 64-bit drivers for
> my R2400.
> After I upgrade to a 64-bit OS, I'll try installing the Polaroid drivers
> on the new system.
> Thanks,
> Jim
>> Jim,
>> Most of the scanners up until currently used TWAIN drivers and there were no
>> universal 64 bit TWAIN standards or specs as was the case for 32 bit twain
>> drivers; hence, no 64 bit TWAIN drivers were ever produced at any time.  The
>> net result was that there were no scanners that would work on 64 bit
>> operating systems as 64 bit scanners.  I am not really sure; but I think
>> that the 32 bit TWAIN drivers will work under the 64 bit Windows XP
>> operating system.  As far as I know, there will be no 64 bit Twain drivers
>> being developed for any of the brands or types of scanners in the future.
>> The newer flatbed scanners have gotten much better in terms of their quality
>> and optical resolutions; but I still think they are lacking if one is
>> scanning small format film with the intent of enlarging the images to
>> anything beyond 8 x 10 without resorting to the use good high quality
>> interpolation methods or of cropping out segments of the image for
>> enlargement.  Some of these scanners may in the future come out with 64 bit
>> drivers if there is a market for 64 bit; but it will either be in the form
>> of WMA compliant drivers for use with MICROSOFT 64 bit operating systems and
>> not TWAIN drivers (since I do not believe that Apple has a 64 bit operating
>> system or plans to come out with one in the near future - but I could be
>> wrong).  I have the feeling that Microsoft's WMA protocol will become the
>> standard for scanner drivers even if Apple comes out with a 64 bit OS.
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>>> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: SS4000 & SCSI under Vista
>>> I believe none of the Polaroid scanners are being supported beyond
>>> 32-bit Windows XP or the same era Mac OS.  About a year ago I contacted
>>> Polaroid, asking them if they would be providing 64-bit drivers for my
>>> SprintScan 120.  I had recently upgraded to a 64-bit computer.
>>> Polaroid
>>> informed me that the SS120 had been out of production for more than
>>> three years and no driver updates would be forthcoming.
>>> Does anyone have any knowledge of the quality of today's flatbed
>>> scanners?
>>> Great to see active dialog on this list!
>>> Jim
>>> Bob Geoghegan wrote:
>>>> While we're talking about SCSI scanners under current OSs, how 'bout
>>> Vista?
>>>> I'm running an SS4000 on a Win XP laptop through an Adaptec 1480B.
>>> The card
>>>> is supported under Vista, but I don't know what to expect for the
>>> scanner.
>>>> Bob G
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>>>> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: SCSI support on a Mac Pro
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