It is the old SS4000 without USB. Yes I think I will keep the old PC if there 
is no easy solution.

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Several questions:

Is it a SprintScan 4000 with only SCSI, or the version 2 which
includes USB 2? If the latter you're all set.

Why not keep a machine which has PCI slots, like your current Windows
computer? Or get an ancient Mac G4 for $50 and stuff your current
SCSI adaptor in it. The old Mac and new one will network easily --
the Windows machine will cause a lot of little problems with file
naming conventions, and so on, but is workable.

I keep my scanners (including a SS4000) on a separate computer from
my work machine because I find it easier to deal with that way. The
interface card works, the scanner software works and is not upset
with/by new releases of the work machine's OS, and so on.

I use the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse for both machines with a
"KVM switch" (KVM -> Keyboard, Video, Mouse) which cost about $50.



I currently am using my Polaroid SprintScan 4000 on a Windows
with an installed SCSI card.

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