On 16/02/2008 John Sykes wrote:
> We generally prefer a stab at humour to make a point and avoid
> direct insults.

Agreed, but did you see GH's comment as offensive? If I'd been on the
receiving end I'd have taken it as a reference to the scads of
inadvertently quoted text. PgDn to see just how much there was.

Anyhow, I've been subjected to far worse (c/o Brits and Australians this
week), and generally take the view that deliberate insults say more about
the insulter than the insulted. It's only email yatter.

> PS trimming: in Outlook (as here in Thunderbird) you just select the
> unwanted  text and press delete

True, but that extra step is easily overlooked. In T'bird you can just
highlight the bit you want quoted and press Ctrl/5 for Quote in Reply (or
RMB option) or Ctrl/6 for Quote in Reply to All (ditto), and they get
copied into a reply email with no trimming necessary. I've not found a way
to do this in OE.


Tony Sleep

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